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3rd Degree Byrne Episode 12.5: Uncanny X-men #121

Tim Elliott May 25, 2016 1

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In part two of our coverage to the first meeting between the Uncanny X-Men and Alpha flight, the donnybrook between the two teams begins. But since it is a Marvel tale, you are not required to pick a side.

Oh, and for those that are wondering –


noun, often capitalized don·ny·brook ├ï╦ådä-n├äΓÇ£-├ï┼Æbru├îΓÇík

Simple Definition of donnybrook

:a public argument

:an uncontrolled fight

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Full Definition of donnybrook

:free-for-all, brawl

:a usually public quarrel or dispute

Who says we are not educational?

Now, sit back, relax and pour yourself a tall cold one and enjoy as 3rd Degree Byrne reviews Uncanny X-Men #121! Tim Elliott and Brian Hughes finish out the two part story in great X-Men fashion: they disagree on EVRYTHING! This one could come to blows, folks. Or at least the closest approximation you can get on Skype. Just kidding, these guys get along too well.

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