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3rd Degree Byrne Episode 25: Doom Patrol V4 #1

Tim Elliott April 21, 2019

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Remember when the only Comic Book Show on TV was “The Incredible Hulk”? Well I do!

Wow, those days are long gone. We have Comic Book Shows everywhere. You cant turn your head without hearing about a new show in development. I can honestly say that I never thought Doom Patrol would ever make it to TV or Movies. Whats next? “Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe”?

These are amazing times that we live in right now. There is so much Comic Book programming available that you can actually pick and choose what you watch. You have many, excellent choices.

However this is a podcast about Comics. John Byrne Comics.

So, sit back, relax, and drink that beer that has been sitting at the back of your fridge so long, that it has a name. Yes, its that kind of show.

Tim Elliott and Brian Hughes go back to 2004, and take a discerning look at the art and writing of John Byrne and the inks of Doug Hazlewood in Doom Patrol #1 .

And honestly, truly, we do talk about the upcoming shows. We do let you know our plans. I dont know what happened last time. It must have been Gary, the beer. I drank him around then.

Link to Doom Patol Pages on Byrne Robotics


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