3rd Degree Byrne: Star Trek Special 01

Tim Elliott April 7, 2016 1

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50 Years!!! Holy Crap!!

Star Trek has been here 50 years!

And John Byrne has been working in comics over 40 years!

What do the two have in common?

Little puffs of smoke.

Otherwise known as “Star Trek: New Visions”, a Fumetti series created by John Byrne.

If you like your Captain Kirk to look like Captain Kirk, and you dont want your Spock to look like the bad guy on “Heroes”, then you need to listen as Tim and Brian go over the very first episode of “Star Trek: New Visions”. Its called an episode because it reads like one.


3rd Degree Byrne wants to recognize the great contributions that John Byrne has made to Star Trek in its 50 year history. And so, we will be looking at a LOT of Byrnes Star Trek over the next few months. So, open that bottle of 18 year old Saurian brandy, cuddle up with your favorite tribble and enjoy as 3rd Degree Byrne starts its Celebration of Byrne Trek

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