3rd Degree Byrne: Star Trek Special 03

Tim Elliott October 26, 2016

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Back from hiatus!!! And to kick things off, 3rd Degree Byrne is going to give you Number One. Just thank goodness it isnt Number Two!

No, no, we are not giving you any bathroom leavings, we are back to talk some Star Trek. Some John Byrne Star Trek.

Sit back and take a listen as Tim Elliott and Brian Hughes review IDWs Star Trek: Crew. “Shakedown” is the name of the story and it tells the tale of an early Number One, years before she, Spock and Captain Pike entered “The Cage”.

And be sure to listen at the very end as we give our listeners a true challenge. I dare you!

Boy, gone a few months and you would think they would throw out a little more cover copy than that! Well how about this? I have been sitting here, looking at this page, trying to figure out what to fill it with. I mean it is crazy trying to come up with new things every time we do this and I dont even know if any of you read this stuff. Its not like you tell us, or write us or review us. Come to think of it, it has been months since anyone has given us an iTunes review. OK, I am just going to stop right here until you go to iTunes and give us a 5 star review. Go on, Ill wait…

Oh, there you are, how did it go?

Well, on with the show!!

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