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The Man of Screen Podcast
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The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 150 – Ruby Spears Superman: By the Skin of the Dragon’s Teeth/At The Babysitter’s/Cybron Strikes/The First Day of School.

Mike Zummo April 13, 2020

In episode 150 of the Man of Screen Podcast, Mike Zummo returns to his coverage of the Ruby SpearsΓÇÖ Superman show with the next two half hours. First, find out what happens when Lex Luthor buys the Great Wall of China. HeΓÇÖs obviously looking for something, but what? What does […]

Trentus Magnus Punches Reality
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Episode 316- These Seven Men Are Disrupting The Comic Book Industry, Pt. 05- Dirty Harry With Superpowers- Savage Dragon #01 (Listener Feedback!)

Trentus Magnus April 13, 2020

In this week’s adventure, Magnus continues the megaseries These Seven Men Are Disrupting The Comic Book Industry. This time around, the spotlight falls on The Savage Dragon v2 #01. It’s a rather big change of pace from WildC.A.T.s. Separate and apart from that, Magnus continues getting caught up on listener […]

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