Coverage of Season Two Episode One

Thomas Deja May 31, 2019

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Thomas and Scott tackle the first episode of season two with the bizarre and brilliant “Mr. Teddy Bear”. We get to see the seeds of The Avengers we know begin to take root with this one and we also get introduced to Steeds new companion Cathy Gale, played by the incomparable Honor Blackman. Steed and Gale face off against a gadget orientated hitman with a penchant for stuff animals, mannequin heads and little pills that go boom. Also in this episode we meet Steeds boss, his dog and learn that he really needs to lock his apartment more often. Blackman gives us a solid debut as a worldly anthropologist who in many ways steals the episode from Macnee as they match wits with the first true Avengers super villain. Bonus content includes a contest and a discussion about whether or not judo training can also be a form of foreplay. Join us for your monthly dose of Avenging here on “With Umbrella, Charm and Bowler”!

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