Earth Destruction Directive 16 – Through A Goose

Luke Jaconetti September 19, 2012

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Picture this: It’s the year 2000. It’s a new millennium, a new century, and a new decade! So how to celebrate? With Godzilla on the big screen, of course! This time out we are watching Godzilla 2000, the last time the REAL King of the Monsters was at a theater near you, assuming you lived in the United States, that is. It’s a perfect storm of a giant asteroid, a UFO, armor-piercing missiles, questionable dubbing, and giant monster mayhem! Strap in folks, because this episode of Earth Destruction Directive is set to blow you out of your seat!

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Earth Destruction Directive 15 – Valley Of The Rainbow

Luke Jaconetti August 14, 2012

It’s two monsters for the price of one! This month on Earth Destruction Directive, we continue the theme from last month, as this is the first time our favorite sabre-toothed […]

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