Earth Destruction Directive 26 – Let’s Just Call It A Monster

Luke Jaconetti February 21, 2014

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Witness the birth of the Friend To All Children! Everyone’s favorite oversized Testudines plays the hero for the first time in Gamera vs Gyaos. A thoughful drama about the trials and tribulations of bringing modern Japan to a remote village via the construction of a major highway is interrupted in spectacular fashion by the appearance of 200 foot tall, sonic beam-blasting, human blood-drinking monster bat! And, as every school-age child knows, wherever a giant vampire bat shows up, a fire-breathing prehistoric turtle is sure to follow! Over in Shogun Warriors, it’s a titanic struggle between Raydeen and Cerberus! And what exactly is the SKYFAAAAAALL? PLUS: NSFW (Not Safe For WALLET!) news about new daikaiju Blu-Ray releases and your feedback, all in one neat little package here on Earth Destruction Directive!

The book MONSTER EARTH can be found on Amazon at this link — http://www.amazon.com/Monster-Earth-James-Palmer/dp/0615753469

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