Earth Destruction Directive 29 – Daikaiju A-Go-Go, Baby!

Luke Jaconetti June 25, 2014

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Forget leveling a city, let’s go dancing! Things take a strange turn this time out — and on a show which focuses on giant monsters, that’s saying something — as we head to the mainland and take a look at Korea’s “national monster,” Yongary! Then we jump back to the printed page for Marvel Comics’ Shogun Warriors #11, which satisfies your monthly recommended dosage of Super Robots! Plus news, emails, and more in this episode of Earth Destruction Directive!

Check out Art Adams website right here! http://arthuradamsart.com/

Check out Joey Weiser’s website right here! http://www.tragic-planet.com/

Check out this wonderful artwork from young monster fan Peter Ludwig, son of listener Robert Ludwig! Godzilla is under assault from the army, Mechagodzilla, and Spacegodzilla, but Big G always comes out on top! Thanks for the great picture, Peter! Aww yeah, Godzilla!


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