Earth Destruction Directive 32 – Blue Stones & Lawless Zones

Luke Jaconetti October 23, 2014

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In this special DX episode of Earth Destruction Directive, you are really going to get your money’s worth! And considering that the download is free, that’s saying something! Up first is two episodes of the legendary daikaiju TV show Ultraman, featuring a whole gaggle of monsters including Antlar, Red King, Chandora, and more! The action continues over in the pages of Marvel Comics’ Shogun Warriors #13, where Dr. Demonicus lays out his plan for world domination via the use of the tried and true supervillain techniques giant high definition viewscreens and monologing!

Joining me for this foray into the fantastic is my good friend Mr. Shawn Engel, he of superlative podcasts Just One Of The Guys, Who True Freaks, Listen To The Prophets, and Walking Dead Wednesday, and all around great guy who roams the wilds of Oklahoma in search of entertainment of the scientifically-fictional variety. So download, suit up in your Science Patrol uniform, and hang on tight!

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