Earth Destruction Directive 33 – NEVER Kill The Old Priestess!

Luke Jaconetti November 17, 2014

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Go back in time, way back in time, not just to the Showa period, but back to the 17th Century! This time out on Earth Destruction Directive, we’ve been forced to go feudal as we take a look at the 1966 daikaiju/samurai epic Daimajin! When a violent coup removes the rightful daimyo of a village, the brutal rule brings misery to the people. But when the evil spirit Daimajin breaks free from his mountain prison, has the situation gone from bad to immeasurably worse? Then over in Shogun Warriors, it’s time to put up or shut up for our heroes as Dr. Demonicus makes good on his threat to bombard the Earth with a meteor which would put Sean Connery AND Michael Bay to shame! Plus news, emails, and more on this episode of Earth Destruction Directive!

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