Earth Destruction Directive 34 – Counting To Zero

Luke Jaconetti December 2, 2014

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Recover the Light Of The Galaxy! Hop aboard the Space Pendragon and set course for the Land Of Light, because we’re taking a look at the Ultra feature Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend! When a Reionyx/Ultra hybrid returns to wreak havoc on the Land Of Light, it seems like the Ultra Warriors have finally met their match! But can the combined efforts of a lone Raybrad and the newest Ultra Hero save the day? If this all seems too complicated, don’t worry — all is explained!

And I was not using “we” in the royal sense above because I am joined by a guest! Derek Crabbe of The Fanholes Podcast joins me as dive head first into the Zero era of the Ultra franchise. So download, plug in, and get ready for more beam weapons than you can shake a Beta Capsule at!

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