Earth Destruction Directive 40 – Send In The MEKA!

Luke Jaconetti May 20, 2015

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Send in the clowns? No, launch in the giant robot with more weapons than an army! This time on Earth Destruction Directive, we’re back in the 1990s as the mechanized might of man flexes it’s artificial-diamond plated muscles in Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla! G-Force has built a robotic double of Big G, and intends to use it to blast him back into extinction! But what does Rodan and a mysterious egg have to do with this? Download and discover for yourself! Then over in Shogun Warriors, alien forces are ready to lay the technological smack down on Earth, but our brave pilots will not sit idly by and let that happen! Plus news, emails, and more on this episode of Earth Destruction Directive!

NOTE: The audio is a little hot in the first half, but fixed in the second half. Looks like the Golden EDD Microphone may need some R&R.

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