Earth Destruction Directive 42 – “You Must Return The Egg!”

Luke Jaconetti September 17, 2015

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There’s eggs on the menu today! This time out on Earth Destruction Directive, a monster egg plays a big role in one of the true classics of the daikaiju genre, Mothra vs Godzilla AKA Godzilla vs The Thing! When a giant egg washes ashore in Japan, things go from bad to infinitely worse as Godzilla also makes landfall! Can the island diety Mothra stop the King Of The Monsters? And over in Shogun Warriors, it is the end of the road for our Super Robot Heroes as they face the Primal One out in space! Plus news, feedback, and the most ridiculous recording interruption I have ever suffered — so download, tune in, and let’s rock here on Earth Destruction Directive!

Joey Weiser’s website can be found at: http://tragic-planet.com/

Ron Sadowski’s list of ABC Friday Night Movies can be found here: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls004908325/

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