Earth Destruction Directive 43 – “How’s That, Zatoichi?”

Luke Jaconetti October 12, 2015

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It’s time to fight the monsters! As the air gets crisper, the leaves start to turn, and the football gets more intense, what better way to celebrate the coming of Autumn than with Ultraman battling a pair of monster bent on destruction? First it’s the Ruffian From Outer Space, as the monster Gyango makes life difficult for our giant hero! Then, in Cry Of The Mummy, a Universal Monsters movie breaks out before the duel between Ultraman and the Sphinx-Dragon called Dodongo! And what of the Shogun Warriors, you ask? Fret not, as the final fates of our brave pilots is revealed in Fantastic Four #226, “The Samurai Destroyer” All this, plus news, emails, and J-Pop! So download, fire up the Jet VTOL, and enjoy!

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