Earth Destruction Directive 46 – No Traffic Accidents!

Luke Jaconetti March 23, 2016

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A podcast with no wars and more importantly NO TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS! This time on Earth Destruction Directive we’re taking a look at a film that some might consider a little odd, Gamera vs Guiron! Although I am not sure what one would consider odd about a film where two prepubescent kids from Earth end up on an alien planet with two brain-hungry space vamps and their pet monster with a Ginzu blade for a head and have to saved by a fire breathing prehistoric giant turtle. Talk about cliche! Then over in Marvel Comics’ Godzilla #2, it’s Godzilla vs SHIELD vs The Champions in San Francisco! And it goes about as well as you might think! Featuring just about every song even tangentially related to San Francisco which I could think of! Plus news, emails, and more!

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