Earth Destruction Directive 55 – “The Monster Is Zero”

Luke Jaconetti August 10, 2017

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“Follow the light. The light is your guide.” Welcome to the mysterious Planet X, courtesy of the Earth Destruction Directive podcast! On this episode, the seemingly friendly inhabitants of Planet X want to borrow Godzilla and Rodan to fight King Ghidorah on their far-flung world! Do they have something up their jumpsuit sleeves? What do you think? Then, in Godzilla #10, it’s reptile versus mammal action as the Big G battles Yetrigar! Plus: news on all the latest daikaiju movies and shows coming to various screens! It’s interstellar action in the enormous EDD variety!

Outro features “Fazers” by King Geedorah!

Rich S’s awesome Tokyo In Trouble!

Joe Rad’s equally awesome Godzilla tattoo!

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