Earth Destruction Directive 58 – Is That A Beta Capsule In Your Pocket?

Luke Jaconetti November 13, 2017

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Let’s hit the road! In an actual full length, complete episode, we “take two” both figuratively and literally! We take a look at not one, but two portable Ultraman games for two different interations of the Nintendo Game Boy console! Up first is the original Ultraman handheld game, the 1991 release for the monochrome Game Boy, and following that we have the much fancier Game Boy Advance fighting game Taiketsu! Ultra Hero. Then, Godzilla and Red Ronin must defend Salt Lake City from the terrible trio known as the Mega Monsters! Plus news, emails, a cameo from a Showa Kamen Rider, and, you know, an actual full-length episode! Grab some AA batteries and download now!

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