Earth Destruction Directive 61 – “Creature From A Non-Identity World!”

Luke Jaconetti February 27, 2018

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How do you fight a monster who can control reality itself? And how can you defeat an alien who can change his shape at will? These questions and more will be answered on this episode of Earth Destruction Directive! Can Ultraman overcome the threats of Bullton, the bizarre meteor monster who reality-warping powers seemingly know no bounds? And how will he be able to overcome Alien Zarab, a devious shapechanger from the stars? Tune in and find out! Then over in MArvel Godzilla, it’s The Great Godzilla Roundup! Yee-haw! Plus news, emails, and more on Earth Destruction Directive!Check out Rich S’ awesome Valley of Gwangi artwork RIGHT HERE!

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On this very special episode (but not Very Special Episode) of Earth Destruction Directive, my brother Jason and I are talking with Mac McClintock, creator of the original daikaiju Titanicus, […]

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