Earth Destruction Directive 68 – “Giant Turtle Patrol!”

Luke Jaconetti September 26, 2018

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There’s an atoll moving around in the Pacific… you know that can’t be a good sign. This time out I am joined by author, giant monster fan, and all around swell guy Anthony Wendel, author of The Handbook For Surviving a Giant Monster Attack! We are taking a look at 1995’s Gamera, Guardian of the Universe, the highly regarded reboot of the classic monster series from Daiei. If you only know Gamera from his MST3K appearances, you are in for a treat with this one. It’s a fun discussion talking about all things 90s giant turtles fighting monster bird-hybrids. So please download the episode and give it a listen!

You can find The Handbook For Surviving a Giant Monster Attack on Amazon!

Check out Anthony on Twitter and on Monkeys Fighting Robots!

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