Earth Destruction Directive 69 – STOMP vs RARRR!!

Luke Jaconetti October 25, 2018

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It’s time for some cardstock carnage on Earth Destruction Directive! On this highly competitive episode, we are taking a look at two different giant monster card games, ready to turn your dining room table into a daikaiju battlefield! Up first is Godzilla Stomp, where Toho’s pantheon of monsters fight to see who can destroy the most real estate! Next up is APE Games’ RARRR!!, a world tour of city-smashing escapades! Then over in Marvel’s Godzilla #22, the Big G and Devil Dinosaur stand side by side against a viscious army of Lizard Men and their army of saurian beasts! Plus news, emails, and a new sponsor, all jam-packed in this episode of Earth Destruction Directive!

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