Earth Destruction Directive 70 – “Gappa Angry! Gappa Angry!”

Luke Jaconetti November 26, 2018 3

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I’ll see your “amphibian” monster, and raise you to “triphibian!” In this extremely etymological episode, we are taking a look at the lone diakaiju film from Nikkatsu, Gappa, The Triphibian Monster! When will people learn that abducting baby monsters and putting them on display in the middle of major urban centers is a bad idea? Evidently they need at least one more lesson. Then over in Marvel Godzilla #23, it’s time for the big guns as the Avengers are called in to face Big G! Here’s hoping he doesn’t blast the Assemblers at point blank range with atomic breath! Nah… never happen! Plus news, emails, and a tribute to Stan “The Man” Lee all in this episode of Earth Destruction Directive!

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