Earth Destruction Directive 71 – Team-Building Disease

Luke Jaconetti December 11, 2018 2

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“This is our light!” In this long awaited episode, Luke is joined by Ultraman Zero fan extraordinaire Derek W. Crabbe (from the Fanholes Podcast Network) to discuss Ultraman Zero: The Revenge Of Belial! After his defeat in the previous film (you’ll need to seriously jump back a few years in the archive to hear the episode… told you it was long awaited…), Belial is back and as the title suggests, out for revenge! Ultraman Zero will have to round up his squad and lay some Land Of Light style justice on the villain! It’s modern Ultraman style action with lots of new heroes and enemies along for the ride. So sharpen up your Zero Sluggers and come along for the ride!

The Fanholes Podcast Network can be found at fanholespodcast.blogspot.com/ and fanholespodcast.podbean.com/ — Give ’em a listen!

Team-Building Disease is a fiscally and socially crippling affliction which affects millions of nerds every year. If you suffer from Team-Building Disease, talk to your preferred eBay Seller or Import Toy Retailer.

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