Earth Destruction Directive 76 – “Fit For Women And Children!”

Luke Jaconetti October 22, 2019 4

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It’s a heaping, double-sized helping of giant monsters, giant heroes, and a side of casual sexism here on Earth Destruction Directive! On this episode, e are taking a look at two classic episodes of Ultraman! Up first, Fuji (the girl) and Hoshino (the kid) are out on what the Science Patrol thinks is a goose chase… until the monster Kemular appears! Then, it’s a Cold ar invasion, not from Communists, but from the Underground People and their monster Telesedon! Then, it’s over to th pages of Avengers, here Earth’s Mightiest continue their fight against Red Ronin! Plus news and emails, all in this episode of Earth Destruction Directive!

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