Episode 102- My Dad’s A Real Bastard- Magnus Talks About Smallville- Mighty Season 03 Part 01

Trentus Magnus June 30, 2015

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In this week’s ball-brainwashing show, Magnus kicks off the retrospective of the mighty third season of Smallville with fond looks back at Exile, Phoenix, Extinction, Slumber and Perry.

Smallville’s fast entering a whole new phase in its cinematic history, characters are firmly established and the subplots fly around in these episodes like a 2nd grader after an entire box of Cocoa Puffs.

For those of you with an undying affection for the click-bait idiocy that’s killing originality online, “Magnus listens to some R.E.M. and *THIS* is how he reacts!”

Seriously, you people *REALLY* need to raise your standards. Magnus is watching you.

Magnus also reaches around, stretches the ol’ mailsack open nice and wide and hashes through feedback from several loyal subjects. Laughs are had, tears are shed and bond of camaraderie is reinforced.

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