Episode 140- You Can Save All of Them- Man of Steel Retrospective Part 03 (with Jon M. Wilson)

Trentus Magnus March 22, 2016

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In this week’s ball-rescuing episode, Magnus is joined by Jon M. Wilson one last time to conclude the ultra super mega epic 13-part Batman v. Superman megaseries epic of ultra superness!

This megaseries has been all about saluting Batman comics, Superman comics and Batman & Superman comics! This marks the conclusion to a five hour long Man of Steel retrospective, followed next week by an episode all about Magnus and Jon’s initial reactions to Batman v Superman!

This week, Magnus and Jon consumate their long, hard and deep penetration of 2013’s Man of Steel. Yes indeed, the end is finally ending! Jon and a flu-stricken Magnus finally say everything they have to say about Man of Steel (as of a year ago, at least).

As ever, disregard some of the remarks by Jon and Magnus about this retrospective being contained all in one episode or even two episodes. It will be three episodes: 138, 139 and 140

For those determined to ruin the Internet for everyone else by perpetuating click-bait on Facebook, “You won’t believe who introduces this week’s show!”

Due to the avalanche of bare-chested awesomeness in this week’s show, unfortunately there was just no time for listener feedback this week.

A plan has been formed to be deal with the backlog of feedback but it’s far too early to go into details beyond that. Even so, fear not, loyal subjects! Your leader will reveal all in due course.

In the meantime, don’t let the lack of feedback this time get you down! You can still offer your feeble effort at tribute! You humble serfs are always welcome to kiss your benevolent leader’s ring. Corrupt DiManzocorp interns are ready, willing, able and eager to accept your bribe to present your meager missives to your wise emperor. The email address to use is trentusmagnus@gmail.com as the other seems to be having technical problems.

In an another sublime act of truly unprecedented charity, the leader permits you lowly rabble to suggest topics for a future episode. Thus, petitions may be sent to trentusmagnus@gmail.com for DiManzocorp interns to review, whereupon your leader might consider thinking about the possibility of potentially discussing whatever you have in mind some day. And that’s a promise!

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