Episode 171- Unfinished Business 05- My Past Is My Own- The Shadow Strikes #02

Trentus Magnus October 25, 2016

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Unfinished Business continues! In short, Magnus originally had something else planned for this episode. But, through no fault of anybody’s, that ended up not working out so well.

So His Excellency, ever one step ahead of you lowly miscreants, moved an episode originally scheduled for release in 2017 over to today!

(Yes, things really are planned out that far ahead.)

In short, today’s show is all about The Shadow Strikes #2, written (with astute attention to detail) by Gerard Jones and pencilled (with great expertise) by Eduardo Barreto.

There’s probably other stuff that could get mentioned here but it’s been a long day, Magnus is worn out and this is all you’re getting. Deal with it.

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