Episode 173 – Star Wars Monthly Monday #27: Part I

Scott H. Gardner February 7, 2011

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This month, the Freaks are joined by The Irredeemable Shag for their coverage of Marvel Star Wars #60-63. This episode was sooo long it had to be broken into TWO HUGE HALVES! Why so long, you ask? Well, it seems Shag and Scott (two grown men, mind you) love Shira Brie like an emo teen girl loves Justin Bieber.

Listen to them babble on endlessly about their girlfriend Shira Brie. What is her favorite color? Do you think she would like Scott’s new haircut? Shag has never washed his eyes since the first time he saw her in the comics! Honestly, these are “adult”, married men- I don’t know about Shag, but Scott even has kids. How healthy is it for them to have hot pants for a comic book character?

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