Episode 18: Supergirl SE 1 EPS 11 and 12

Chris Tyler January 28, 2017

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This week Scott and Chris are joined by a special guest from the mystical Island of Staten: Agent of LAW David Pascarella. It’s the penultimate week of Supergirl season one recaps as Scott, David and Chris team-up to discuss episodes eleven and twelve. First, we finally get more of the secret origin of the Martian Manhunter as we learn about the slaughter Jonn’s people met at the hands of the White Martians. Coincidentally enough this is brought on by an attack from a White Martian on an anti-alien politician. Also, bonus soapy in the arrival of Cat Grant’s estranged son Adam. Next, Supergirl and the team must figure out how to fight her bizarre evil doppelganger/Max Lord science project. We’ll leave you to figure out what her name is. And remember kids, try not to schedule your dates on the night a supervillain might attack. Bonus discussion with David about Rogue One and his thoughts on the CW Superverse. Stay tuned!

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