Episode 181- Big Book- Leftovers (with Chris Honeywell & Scott Ryfun!)

Trentus Magnus January 3, 2017

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In this week’s climactic episode, Magnus bids a fond farewell to the Big Book Report!

In the first segment, Magnus once again joins forces with Chris Honeywell to talk about a couple of stories from previous Big Books (none of which come from the Urban Legends volume) which simply could not be addressed in previous Big Book Reports… many of which are violent, bloody, shady or a Top 40 radio hit.

In the second segment, Magnus and Honeywell join forces with Scott Ryfun of Dinner 4 Geeks fame so that Ryfun can give the Big Book of Urban Legends his full attention. Bigly!

The reason for this is explained as the episode unfolds.

Laughter is shared, stories are told and Honeywell shows up late! It’s all here for the listening in this, the final edition of the Big Book Report!

Seriously, ladies and gentlemen, clocking in at nearly four hours this episode is a real doozy!

As a disclaimer, the sound quality in the second segment is perhaps not as solid as it might’ve been but there’s a good explanation for that so listen close!

Due to the deluge of ass-kickery this week, unfortunately there just wasn’t time for listener feedback this week. But don’t cry about it because there’s more coming in the future!

Patience! Feedback will be addressed in just a few weeks. As a matter of fact, several upcoming episodes will feature feedback sections.

This would be an opportune time to send in any feedback you may have as the vault could get totally cleared out of feedback in the relatively near future. So get to writing!

In the meantime, though, don’t let the lack of feedback this time get you down! You can still offer your feeble effort at tribute! You humble serfs are always welcome to kiss your benevolent leader’s ring. Corrupt DiManzocorp interns are ready, willing, able and eager to accept your bribe to present your meager missives to your wise emperor. The email address to use is trentusmagnus@gmail.com as the other seems to be having technical problems.

In an another sublime act of truly unprecedented charity, your emperor permits you lowly rabble to suggest topics for a future episode. Thus, petitions may be sent to trentusmagnus@gmail.com for DiManzocorp interns to review, whereupon your leader might consider thinking about the possibility of potentially discussing whatever you have in mind some day. And that’s a promise!

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