Episode 182 – Star Wars Monthly Monday #29

Scott H. Gardner April 4, 2011 3

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to experience Star Wars AS YOU HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED IT BEFORE! In the TWO TRUE FREAKS THEATRE OF THE MIND! Using state of the art technology, The Freaks bring you the first two chapters of the novelization of STAR WARS in full FREAK-O-PHONIC STEREO! Marvel at the EPIC SPACE BATTLES! Quiver and SOIL YOURSELF IN FEAR at the auditory presence of the EVIL LORD OF THE SITH! Chuckle at the bumbling antics of ARTOO DEETOO AND C3PO! Wince at the awkward, whiny pubescence of young LUKE SKYWALKER! STRAP ON YOUR HEADPHONES! Yes, we PROMISE things will be back to normal next month!

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