Episode 188 – Star Wars Monthly Monday #30

Scott H. Gardner May 2, 2011 1

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In this month’s edition of what is often called (by “them”) The BEST STAR WARS PODCAST on the Internet, The Freaks start off with a little light banter followed by their IN-DEPTH coverage of Marvel Comics’ Star Wars issues #66 thru 68!

See Luke Skywalker’s thrilling adventures on a desert planet that’s actually NOT TATOOINE for a change!

Cower in fear as Artoo-Deeto, See-Threepio, Chewbacca the Wookiee, and a handful of cute, cuddly Hoojibs confront ULTIMATE EVIL!

Then — PREPARE YOURSELVES for the AWESOME first appearance of the legendary FENN SHYSA!

Of course, as always, these stories will be accompanied by the SWIRLING KALEIDESCOPE OF SOUND that forms the backdrop of every quality DiManzicorp podcast!


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