Episode 19: Supergirl SE 1 EPS 13 and 14

Chris Tyler February 7, 2017

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It’s the last of the Supergirl season one recaps for a while, but special guest Aaron Henley teams up with Chris and Scott for some good ones. In episode thirteen Kara gets to relive one of her famous cousin’s greatest stories from the comics as she falls victim to the Black Mercy and has to fight her own greatest wish, to be with her Kryptonian family, to survive. Also, as Kara sleeps and dreams the conflict with Non and Astra escalates quickly and in this issue SOMEBODY DIES!!! Episode fourteen finds our heroes struggling with questions about the meanings of truth, justice and the American way as James questions some of the DEO’s more extra-Constitutional jailing practices. Coincidentally enough, the Master Jailer is going around cutting off the heads of Fort Rozz prisoners and Supergirl has to stop him (Duh, it’s kind of her thing). So join us for those thrilling days of….um, last year and settle in for some tangents and comic TV talk. Bingestorm and Tangent Boy to the Man Cave!

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