Episode 195 – Star Trek Monthly Monday #31: 1701 Edition

Scott H. Gardner June 13, 2011

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This Month, The Freaks delve into the dreaded THIRD SEASON of the Original STAR TREK television series for the classic episode “Whom Gods Destroy”.

Apparently, Garth of Izar has gone a few crystals short of a chandelier and decided to start chewing up the scenery, but don’t worry — SHATNER WILL NOT BE OUTDONE! Kirk fits ensue!

Then – in DC Comics’ Star Trek – it’s ROMULANS VS A TEN-SPEED BICYCLE! No lie. Nimoy flips everyone off, somehow Dolly Parton shows up, and Scott and Chris do a number on Best Buy — thus negating another potential advertising deal. YIKES!

Put it in your MP3 player and TURN UP THE KIRK!

Watch “Whom Gods Destroy”

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