Episode 21: Agents of SHIELD SE 1 EP 12 and Arrow SE 1 EP 6

Chris Tyler February 20, 2017

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Bingestorm is back to its regularly scheduled programming with first season recaps of Agents of SHIELD episode twelve and Arrow Episode six. Coulson is dealing with the revelations he learned during his brain Phil surgery at the hand of Raina so May distracts him with a side mission to learn more about the mysteries surrounding Skye. Meanwhile the science nerds with sidekick Ward from Operations go back to the academy to solve an icy mystery that shows us the origin of the Marvel villain Blizzard. Over in Starling City an old DC villain standby The Royal Flush gang is making Oliver consider whether his crusade should focus only on his fathers list or if he should get down and dirty and help save the city from lower level street crime as well. Also, Tommy wants to get into Laurel Lances knickers, but still prove to her that hes a good guy that can buy her social causes lots of things, because millionaire. Bonuses thrown in for free this episode include: A Hero Pee Wee impression, some mini reviews of some DC animated properties and answering an email from a listener we didnt bribe with a guest appearance on the show! So pop the popcorn kids, because the Marvel/DC recaps are back!

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