Episode 224- Jimmy Has No Survival Instinct- Adventures of Superman #482

Trentus Magnus October 31, 2017

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In this week’s ball-puncturing episode, Magnus can only assume that Jimmy Olsen has no fundamental will to live because if Adventures Of Superman #482 is anything to go by…

… wow.

But first, there are digressions about the magnificence that is the Byrne Age Superman. That’s not taking anything away from Superman of other eras; merely recognizing the Byrne Age Superman’s pure, undiluted awesomeness.

As it happens, this issue was supposed to have been talked about last week. But then last week’s episode went kind of long so Magnus made the executive decision to divvy the discussion up into two separate episodes. Because reasons.

In any event though, your wise leader is careful not to get too carried away by how awesome Tom Grummet is. And that, dear listeners, is a solemn promise.

So what are you waiting for? Start listening right now before Jimmy wins a Darwin award and takes you with him.

Due to the avalanche of awesomeness, there’s just no time for listener feedback this week. But Magnus has slowly been getting caught up lately. There’s been some feedback recently and there’s more coming soon! So don’t be left out! You too can offer your feeble effort at tribute whenever you want! Yes indeed, you humble serfs are always welcome to kiss your benevolent leader’s ring. Corrupt DiManzocorp interns are ready, willing, able and eager to accept your bribe to present your meager missives to your wise emperor. The email address to use is trentusmagnus@gmail.com as the other seems to be having technical problems.

In an another sublime act of truly ball-shriveling magnanimity, your emperor permits you lowly rabble to suggest topics for a future episode. Thus, requests may be sent to trentusmagnus@gmail.com for the aforementioned corrupt DiManzocorp interns (who probably lack souls) to review, whereupon your leader might consider thinking about the possibility of potentially discussing whatever you have in mind some day. And that’s a promise!

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