Episode 231 – Star Trek Monthly Monday 37 1701-D

Scott H. Gardner January 9, 2012

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Star Trek – The Next Generation HAS RETURNED! This month the Freaks return with the first two episodes of the second season of TNG! THE BEARD IS BACK!

First up is THE CHILD, in which Troi gets knocked up by a friendly space-night light just in time for a new space doctor to join the cast along with Whoopie Goldberg and her space-saloon!

Next is WHERE SILENCE HAS NO LEASE where yet another space-jerk decides to toy with less advanced humans, probably because of their space-smugness. Also, Worf beats up Skeletor and one of the Ninja Turtles.

Find out which Star Trek book has Scott torn about how he feels about it’s “Save The Space-Whales” stance.

More Star Trek than you can shake a space-stick at!

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