Episode 24: Legion Season One Chapter Two

Scott McGregor February 27, 2017 1

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Chris and Scott take their best anti-psychotic meds and tackle Chapter Two of the ongoing first season of Legion. With the help of the enigmatic Dr. Melanie Bird David escapes to Summerland, a tranquil refuge for mutants/science cult testing center and with the help of memory artist Ptomony, they attempt to show him how the moments of insanity in his life were actually just his amazing powers manifesting. Still plenty of mental madness and exciting visuals to keep us unhinged and question the reality were being shown. More Syd and David bonding, powers run amok and sister Amy in peril. Plus! Art Eyefunkle speaks! So stay tuned and take this wild possibly X-Men related ride with us and dont forget kids, milk is good telepathy food!

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