Episode 25: Legion Season One Chapters Three and Four

Scott McGregor March 6, 2017

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Its a Giant Sized Weekly Heroics as Bingestorrm teams up with the Immortal Reader Murf Tipton to try to make sense of chapters three and four of the FX channels maybe X-Men property Legion. Coming to us from the Hero Unabridged podcast, Murf adds his considerable powers of observation to our crew in a vain attempt to discern what in this show is real and what is an insane reality created by its main character David. In Chapter Three we get more memory work with Ptomony and Dr. Melanie Bird, with Syd coming along for the ride, in order to determine what Davids amazing powers might be. Exposition abounds and we feel like were finally getting a grasp on our place in this bizarre alternate X-Universe. Then Chapter Four happens and the rug is slowly and systematically removed from under our feet. To even attempt a description here would be folly so just go ahead and watch and listen and well do the group therapy together. It feels like theatrical madness worthy of a Greenwich Village improv group, but is probably more accurately a methodical mind fuck from the magnificent bastards making this show. Keep with us on the ride, who knows if it has a destination or not, but the journey is a hoot. To me, my atypical anti-psychotic meds!

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