Episode 263- Hush- Batman’s Series Finale, Part 01- Batman #608-#609, Not His Style

Trentus Magnus July 31, 2018

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The Caped Crusades was meant to tie in with the release of a Ben Affleck-led solo Batman movie… which is obviously not coming any time soon. That’s unintentional and inconvenient timing. But the Caped Crusades was all I had that’s really ready for release right now though. So here we are.

This closing part of The Caped Crusades (which is called Batman’s Series Finale) was meant to put a bow around the megaseries while giving a few people something they’ve been requesting for a few years now… and it ties in with the announcement of the upcoming animated Hush movie. That’s unintentional but highly convenient timing. And anyway, Batman’s Series Finale is all I have that’s really ready for release right now. So here we are.

Life is strange sometimes.

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