Episode 270 – Star Trek Monthly Monday 42

Chris Honeywell July 9, 2012 1

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Due to a FREAK TRANSPORTER ACCIDENT, the CLASSIC Trek and TNG Monthly Monday formats have been melded together into one CHERON-LIKE episode!

This month, The Freaks are joined by one of their favorite guests – Mike “Bibliomike” Poteet! The luck of the draw has brought two extremely similar episodes together — very much like that old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial…

Anyway, first up is the Classic Trek episode COURT MARTIAL — where Kirk gets embroiled in a courtroom drama, but STILL gets time to mete out a few roundhouses!

Then, BEATEN AND SOBBING, The Freaks and special guest take on the BIG question – “Is Data People or just a WALKING TOASTER?” — in the Next Generation episode MEASURE OF A MAN.

Yes, that’s right, it’s an episode chock full o’ PHILOSOPHY AND GRAVITAS! It’s a regular Masterpiece Theatre up in here!

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