Episode 272- Tough Guy Talk- New Avengers #07

Trentus Magnus May 14, 2019 1

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Welcome to the first episode of Trentus Magnus Punches Reality since the last episode of Trentus Magnus Punches Reality. Which has been a really long time, in fact. Very close to seven months. But the wedding is over, the hiatus is over and it’s time to get back to the business of getting back to business.

In this week’s adventure, Magnus shines a light on New Avengers v1 #07, the first part of The Sentry storyline — or the Sentry retcon, if that works better for you. Cuz srsly, it was a pretty big retcon. As big a retcon as Linda always being somewhere around the MCU? Magnus has no way of knowing.

Btw, this episode is old old old. Recorded two years ago, Magnus slapped a brand new intro blurb to beginning to make it sound all new and stuff but we all know nobody will be fooled by that. Certainly not you eagle-eyed (or beagled-eared?) listeners.

Still, what more do you need? It’s the New Avengers, it’s the end of the hiatus and there’s plenty of Spider-Man being Spider-Man as only Bendis could write him. So start listening now before some comedic but highly improbable fate befalls you!

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