Episode 289- Ryfun Loves The M2- Spider-Girl #02-#03 (With Scott Ryfun Of D4G Fame!)

Trentus Magnus September 3, 2019

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Promises are important. When you make them, you have to keep them. And in this week’s adventure, Magnus *FINALLY* pays off a promise he made to Scott Ryfun of D4G fame four years ago.

Yes indeed, boys and girls, this is a coda to the 2015 megaseries entitled Women In Comics, wherein Magnus read a bunch of comics starring female characters.

Memories are recounted, comparisons made and it would be safe to say that both Magnus and Scott Ryfun of D4G fame come away from this experience as better men. It’s a safe guess anyway. I mean, honestly, who even knows with those two, amirite?

So what more do you want? Start listening right now before Peter Parker tells you how disappointed he is in you.

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