Episode 290- The Joker’s Crime Costumes- Batman #63

Trentus Magnus September 10, 2019 1

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In this week’s adventure, Magnus launches a miniseries all about Joker comics. If the timing here seems a little suspicious, what with the JOKER movie coming soon… well, that would be because it was all quite completely intentional.

To that end, the comic book going under the microscope this week is Batman #63. Specifically, a little story titled ‘The Joker’s Crime Costumes’. What happens when the Joker takes a page out of Batman’s book and begins using customized costumes to commit crimes?

Well, answering that question right here would defeat the entire point of listening to the show, wouldn’t it?

Speaking of which… what more do you need? Start listening right now before the Joker disguises himself as your mailman and robs your house and stuff.

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