Episode 296 – Star Wars Monthly Monday 45

Andrew Leyland November 5, 2012

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Once again Chris Honeywell and the entity known as Scott Gardner bring you a HEAPIN’ HELPIN’ of Star Wars and Indiana Jones! Experience the EERIE PRESCIENCE of the Freaks as an article by Camille Paglia about George Lucas spurs a conversation about the artistic parallels between Lucas and Walt Disney MERE HOURS before the announcement of the Disney acquisition of Star Wars. Scott, the HUMAN OCTOPUS, describes his STIMULATING vacation with his long-suffering wife and then it’s on to comics – wonderful comics! This month’s batch of Marvel Star Wars are actually the reason Star Wars Monthly Mondays exist! It’s Cynthia Martin’s two-issue tour-de-force where Luke Skywalker faces off against his former girlfriend turned whip-weilding cyborg dominatrix, LUMIYA! These are two awesome and groundbreaking comics! The Indiana Jones comic aint half bad either!

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