Episode 363 – Star Wars Monthly Monday 54

Scott H. Gardner August 5, 2013

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In this episode, Scott Gardner gloats about his NEW STAR WARS TOY – Chris Honeywell seethes with jealousy until he recieves a STAR WARS PRESENT and thus balance is returned to The Force. Scott has an announcement of an impending announcement concerning Disney and Star Wars and then does the unthinkable – READS A BOOK! Of course there are COMICS – two to be exact, Marvel Comics Star Wars Annual #2, in which THE GOLDEN HAN is NOT a Chinese restaurant and the next installment of The Further Adventures Of Indiana Jones, in which Indy gets beat up, beats people up and finds stuff of a supernatural/religious nature! Download it now or I’ll rip this RARE Boba Fett prototype action figure CLEAR OFF IT’S BUBBLE CARD! DON’T TEST ME!

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