Episode 371 – Star Wars Monthly Monday 55

Scott H. Gardner September 1, 2013 5

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This month, Join Scott Gardner and Chris Honeywell as they finally (in a way) go beyond the world of Marvel Star Wars and into WILD SPACE! This time it’s a story that’s obviously made for the kiddies and formerly serialized in PIZZAZZ magazine! Expect monsters, Kirbyesque sentient computers, Laurel and Hardy gags and Howard Chaykin! But before that, there’s some business to attend to! Chris tallys up his haul of cheap Star Wars toys, video games and young adult books he’s been picking up at garage sales this summer! Also, somehow, Scott has found the time to read YET ANOTHER STAR WARS BOOK! Which book was it? Did he like it? Do you think I’m really going to tell you HERE? As a matter of fact, what are you doing reading this crap when you could be downloading and listening?

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