Episode 373 – Star Trek Monthly Monday #55

Scott H. Gardner September 9, 2013

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This month Scott Gardner and Chris Honeywell present a special JUMBO SIZED Star Trek Monthly Monday. This month’s episode is a real CROWD-PLEASER, but maybe not necessarily a SCOTT-PLEASER – THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES! Instead of the usual comics and episode of The Next Generation, the Freaks have decided to SWITCH THINGS UP and throw in a BONUS Tribble-related Trek episode! It’s the episode of Deep Space Nine where they give the original “Tribbles” the Forrest Gump Treatment – TRIALS AND TRIBBLE-ATIONS!!

Bonus: Scott explains why he DOESN’T hate Star Trek and why Sisko is the worst captain EVER.

DOUBLE BONUS: Dr. Bill Robinson ties it all in a bow with his angelic rendition of an OLD FEDERATION SPACE SPIRITUAL!

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