Episode 70- Not A Sin- Green Lantern- Emerald Dawn I

Trentus Magnus November 18, 2014

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In this latest ball-tasing episode, Magnus goes to great pains to show listeners and stuffy DC editors that, in spite of all claims to the contrary, Green Lantern- Emerald Dawn is most assuredly *NOT* a sin.

It begins with awesomeness. Which, of course, His Excellency has in the utmost abundance. And that leads to an idea. The idea in this case being to establish that Jim Owsley, Keith Giffen, Gerard Jones and MD Bright are men amongst men when it comes to all things Green Lantern.

The end result of any such undertaking can only be the face-rocking splendor which longtime listeners have come to expect and which first time listeners will have their faces rocked by.

For those given to cheap click-bait gimmicks, “You won’t believe what Magnus said about Emerald Dawn! My wife just went sterile listening to this!”

But it’s not *ALL* comics this week. Nope! This week’s plentiful helping of badassitude is wrapped up with plebes giving adoring tribute to His Excellency Magnus in this week’s feedback section. “You just won’t believe who Magnus reads email from this week!”

Additional acts of homage are never discouraged though so any of you peasants with ideas for a topic should feel free to e-mail your beloved king at trentusmagnus@gmail.com and he might consider thinking about the possibility of potentially discussing whatever you have in mind some day. And that’s a promise!

In an act of almost unprecedented charity and generosity, Magnus allows you lowly peasants to kiss his ring regarding this and any other episode. Thus, notes of admiration may be sent to trentusmagnus@gmail.com for His Excellency’s servants to review.

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