Episode 86- Rite of Identity Crisis

Trentus Magnus March 10, 2015

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In this week’s ball-shattering episode, Magnus puts Rite of Passage from Detective Comics #618-#621 and Identity Crisis (not that one) from Batman #455-#457 under the microscope. These two classic stories written by Alan Grant, pencilled by Norm Breyfogle and inked by Steve Mitchell served as the final lap in Tim Drake’s journey toward becoming Batman’s sidekick.

In the process, Magnus waxes nostalgic over how much these stories meant as a wee ol’ comic book collector in training.

What ensues is seven issues of character-driven awesomeness with one brand new villain, one very old villain, awesome art and engaging characters.

For those of you who regularly fall for click-bait tactics “Here are five things Magnus used to cherish about Batman comics. #3 will make you smile.”

After it’s all over, Magnus stretches open the sack of mail once again to accept fawning praise from his loyal subjects.

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